The Fitness Project

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Just 15 minutes
of exercise a day
can boost life
expectancy by three
years and cut
death risk by 14%

The Fitness Project

New Year, New You! It's time to keep those New Year's resolutions and train alongside Sarah Stevenson MBE every week

I have set up a website called The Fitness Project which features simple 15-minute workouts and healthy recipes and diet advice created by my nutritionist.

It's free to register and the site is updated weekly with training videos for beginners and those who already work out.

The venture combines my experience and expertise with input from my strength and conditioning coach Neil Parsley and my sports nutritionist and dietician Debra Tranter.

My long-term aim is to develop an app, so sport is accessible to anyone and can fit into people's daily routines.

“I did some of the workouts with my family in the park. I’ve got one cousin who’s 18, and my auntie who’s 60, which proves everyone can do it – we don’t want to alienate anyone.”

Click here to visit the Fitness Project website and learn from an Olympic athlete >>

Sarah Stevenson


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