"Sarah is such an inspiration. She is down to earth and a brilliant motivational speaker. She has been through so much and has come out strong. She is a courageous young woman that you cant help but admire and respect. After hearing her story you will think anything is possible! All of our guests loved her. Our event was a huge success and Sarah was pivotal in that success."

Helen Crowley
Us Girls Fieldworker & Knowledge Manager

"Listening to Sarah tell her story is an exceptionally moving and inspiring experience. She talks from the heart about the tough life experiences she has been through, combining real honesty with her sense of humour as she takes you on the rollercoaster of a journey. She provides lessons and really makes you think about the way you approach life. She is always down to earth and tells it as it is! Her story and how she has learnt to cope and make choices in both life and sport will be an inspiration for any audience."

Sarah Broadhead
GB Psychologist for London 2012


"Sarah's fluent speech at the inaugural "Us Girls" awards ceremony stunned and inspired the entire room. She nervelessly spoke from the heart about the emotional and physical ordeals she has suffered in her life and how she overcame unthinkable adversity to become world champion in her sport. Despite the desperately sad nature of her story, Sarah eschewed the inevitable sympathy. She is clearly so proud of her late parents that she wanted us to know how brave they were in their unbeatable battle against cancer and the role their courage played in her exceptional victory. Their spirit clearly lives on through their daughter and they would, in turn, be extremely proud of the way she continues to inspire others."

Jacqui Oatley
Sports Journalist, BBC, ESPN and regular Match of the Day Commentator

"It warms my heart to listen to Sarah speaking. She is genuine, natural and honest which are qualities that you simply can't buy in a speaker. Sarah rightly and unashamedly allows her personality to come through and this, coupled with her passion for the subject, is very positive and powerful. Sarah's story is uplifting, heart wrenching and a total inspiration to any audience who is lucky enough to hear it."

Jo Harrison
Performance Lifestyle Lead (North) - British Cycling

Sarah Stevenson


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