Baby Elsie is here!

Baby Elsie has arrived and Sarah and Stephen couldn't be happier! She was born at 3:10pm on 27th April 2015, weighing a healthy 7lb and 14ozs.

The birth was a tough one however, it appears baby Elsie is as tough as her mummy, at the final stage of pushing she got stuck, so Sarah had to have an emergency C Section.

"Not the birth I would like and at the time quite scary, but she is here, we're both safe and sound and I love her so much. " said the Taekwondo star.

Daddy Stephen is also thrilled by the new arrival "Life as we know it has ended. Something so small and so beautiful can change everything. I wouldn't change it for the world, Elsie is thriving and Sarah is such a natural mother".


Sarah Stevenson


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