I would have
been forgiven
for sitting and
crying in a
corner, but i am
not a quitter

My Inspiration

I am very fortunate to have had an extremely successful career, there are so many people who have played a big part in getting me to such an incredible level of achievement. They all deserve so much credit for the help and guidance they have provided, I couldn't have achieved half of what I have done without surrounding myself with a lot of special people. However, there are 2 people in particular who are the most special of all and I owe them so much I wanted to dedicate a whole page of my website to them.

Unconditional Support and Advice
My parents, Roy and Diana Stevenson were the most amazing people. They shaped and moulded me into the person and athlete that I am today. The desire and commitment they showed towards helping me to reach my goals was so inspiring, they gave me support without pressure, they gave me advice without demand and most of all, they gave me love regardless of the outcome.

My parents allowed my coach to teach me Taekwondo, yet what they taught me was more important, life skills. They taught me to have respect and to be appreciative, they taught me values and morals, but most importantly they taught me to stay grounded and never forget where I have come from and how hard I had to work to get here.

Strength from Death
Sadly in 2011 these two amazing people were cruelly taken from us. Both taken ill with cancer and both gone within months of diagnosis, it is hard for people to comprehend how difficult 2011 was for me as a year. however, I don't want to focus on sadness, what I want to tell you about is the strength that my parents showed and which they passed down to me. They were determined, they were courageous and they were strong together and individually. Although they lost their respective battles they were never "Beaten"

I truly believe my parents live on through me. The strength of character that they had and the values by which they lived their lives are how I now behave and live on a daily basis. I know they are proud of me. No matter how successful I become and no matter how tough life can become.

 I will never forget who inspired me and where I come from. I will never be "Beaten"

I love you xx

Sarah Stevenson


© 2013 Sarah Stevenson
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